Loose Leaf Women Tea Company was started to combine fantastic tasting, high-quality teas with great packaging—perfect for gift giving or personal enjoyment. Each of our teas is carefully blended to taste fabulous, even without sweeteners. Our packaging is designed to bring a smile to each cup of tea brewed. 

Loose Leaf Women was born in response to requests for teas with a fun theme for gift giving. To make these gifts even more enjoyable, we use only high-quality loose leaf teas, and select certified organic teas and ingredients whenever possible.

Tea is more than just a great beverage. We are committed to providing you not only with the best teas, but also to infuse your life with the story behind the tea. We can help you with information about the history, health benefits, rituals, accessories, environmental influence as well as ways to improve not only your own experience with tea but that of others as well.

To ensure the best tea tasting experience, our teas are carefully curated and blended—and tested on a wide variety of palates to ensure that most everyone will enjoy them. As such, we are very proud of our “ladies.”   

Ask a Loose Leaf Woman

Elizabeth Ellis Kingswood
Specialty Tea Institute Certified Tea Specialist

Not only is Liz a certified tea specialist, she also has a PhD in Mythology. She founded the tea company a number of years ago to combine some of the things she loved most—gourmet loose leaf tea, mythology, and female empowerment.

As a student, she pursued a lifetime love of delving into the stories of women and goddesses who exemplify the strong, fierce feminine—Kali, Durga, Sekhmet, Inanna, Hypatia, Artemesia, etc. Some of these fabulous ladies make it onto her tea labels. Some will appear in upcoming blends.

In fact, the first tea name came when she was doing a tea tasting for a small group of folks. They were talking about various types of tea branding names—like Tazo’s Awake and Zen teas. Liz said that she thought there should have tea names with more pizazz. She said, “If I had a tea company, I’d name the first one Aphroditea’s Ravishing Sex Goddess tea, or something.” Everyone laughed heartily—and our first and best selling tea was born.  Aphroditea outsells all our other teas combined. 

But it isn’t all about the fun names or the mythic feminine power undertones. Liz also loves good tea. She has traveled and sampled teas extensively. She is certified as a tea specialist from the Specialty Tea Institute and even traveled to China as a delegate for the US Tea Association in an effort to promote organic growing methods.  

So if you have a question about tea, mythology or female empowerment, feel free to contact her at liz@looseleafwomen.com